Flight Competitions

The CCAC Flying Competitions are held on the second Sunday of each month, kicking off at 11am. All pilots, including students at any level are welcome to compete, as there is an instructor on board at all times.

Entry fee is $90. A BBQ lunch is provided.

The competitions are not only a great social day, but an excellent opportunity to keep your flight skills current, honed and tested. Competition requirements vary each month, but could include:

  • Forced landings
  • Engine, equipment & instrument failures
  • Blind circuits
  • Short & soft field takeoffs
  • Instrument navigation
  • Spot landings

Even if you aren’t competing, come along and enjoy the BBQ and watch the competition.


May 2015
Sun 17Annual General Meeting. BBQ commences at 12:30pm, meeting proper at 2pm. Please RSVP to Bob Clout.
Sun 24Flying Competition & BBQ
June 2015
Sun 10Flying Competition & BBQ

Latest Results

May Results
1stConnor Salvador
2ndFred Weiss
3rdBrian Potts

Flying competitions give you the opportunity to experience all aspects of flying in a controlled environment. Members regularly comment that the lessons they learn and experienced gained in competitions proves invaluable.

Best of all, the day is an opportunity to spend time with fellow members and aviation enthusiasts.

  • From The Club Captain

    If you would like to attend contact Fred Weiss on 0414 841 464 or by email to fredww204@gmail.com to register for the competition.

    In order to keep to time, it is important competitors arrive at 10.30am, before the 11am start time. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any latecomers.

    As your club captains, it is our job to organise and manage the competition. We wish you all the best flying and hope to see you in the competition soon.

    Fred Weiss & Trevor Walshe
    Club Captains