Manual Propellor Pitch Control (MPPC)

Constant Speed Unit (CSU)

More complex aircraft with more power often have variable pitch propellers which automatically change blade pitch to take best advantage of the engine’s speed.

A CSU endorsement allows you to pilot may types of faster and more powerful aircraft and hire more Central Coast Aero Club aircraft, including our Cessna 182 and Piper Arrow.


  • Typical hours: 1.5 on top of your existing training

Total Cost:

(Prices and times are based on average hours taken to complete the course. Additional hours required will need to be paid in addition to this price)

Aircraft & RateAverage HoursPriceTotal Cost
Piper Arrow Dual2$415$830
Piper Arrow Solo0.5$345$173
Ground Briefing1$70
Pilot Operating Handbook1$96
Combined Retractable Undercarriage and Manual Propeller Pitch Control Course$1,601

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